Be prepared!

During this two-day survival training you will learn basic survival skills and how to provide first aid.

Once on the road in rural areas, as a traveller you depend on yourself and possible travel companions. It is of great importance to make a risk inventory and evaluation for every area you plan to visit. In many places in the world, Europe included, poverty and social unrest are rampant.

What will you do when you unexpectedly get stranded in such an area?

In this two-day training you will learn how to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and always have a plan B. You learn basic survival skills and to provide first aid. Through practical simulations and exercises you will be exposed to changing circumstances and you will have to improvise. Both your individual performance and functioning within a group are important.


Business people, expedition members, alpine climbers, outdoor instructors, world travellers, hikers.




two days


in consultation



Christo is a passionate outdoor specialist with a holistic view on survival, first aid and health and I have always been impressed by his knowledge, eagerness to discuss and good humour.

Åse Johannessen
Senior Programme Officer, Water Programme, Global Center on Adaptation

Motivated, driven professional. Just one of the few who are able to do this kind of work!

Raoul van Nistelrooij
Owner/director, JPH Consult B.V.

Today another nice First Aid certification for a number of instructors from outdoor sports centre Outdoor Valley in Bergschenhoek. Christo Motz, thank you for the interesting and educational day. #welcome outside

Freek Schulp
Superintendent, logistic operations, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Yesterday I attended a First Aid for Mountaineering Accidents course. It was a very instructive day, during which we were guided through First Aid on the basis of various cases. Thanks to Christo’s excellent guidance, there was a good atmosphere and everybody could ask their questions.

Tinko Jans
Chairman, SWU Thymos

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