Coping with stress, physical and mental resilience and crisis management


Before, during and after action a lot is expected from first responders. You can be confronted with unexpected and often traumatising events on a daily basis. You are expected to carry on with a stiff upper lip. However, sometimes it can get too much. When this happens you feel that you can no longer think clearly. 


Christo Motz has delivered the workshop Tactical Breathing, Body and Situational Awareness, as part of the Situational Command and Control training, at the Institute for Physical Safety/ Fire Academy since 2017.  

In four hours, you will learn a number of skills to enable you to better monitor your limits and increase your resilience and self-reliance. You will also learn to use some simple breathing techniques to increase your alertness. This is essential to prevent you getting sucked into an incident and losing your overview. This will increase your own and your colleagues' safety. After all, nobody is invulnerable. The buddy system is a crucial part of all this.


This workshop also functions as an “Early Warning System”. Managers and decision makers within aid organisations can use the tools from this workshop to prevent burn-out and reduce absenteeism in their organisation. The employability and the strength of the individual, the team and the organisation are strengthened.

Target audiences, amongst others:

(H)OVD, COPI, MT, QRT, diving teams, fire brigade teams, GHOR, the military forces, International sea rescue organisations, police and other law enforcement agencies


At the client

Length of time:

Regularly four hours and/or to be determined in consultation


in consultation

Max number of participants:


Price Quote: On request


Last week I had a great experience with regard to Human Factors. An important aspect of our beautiful profession. Tactical Breathing controls your body in stressful situations! By applying the given theory and the right guidance by Christo Motz, I managed to pull myself together and focus in the ice bath! #recommendation for our profession. For the enthusiasts:

Darko Sanders
District Commander, Fire Department Achterhoek Zuid

Worked on the subject together with colleagues from VNOG. Additional training Situational Command, Human Factors, FABCM etc. A half-day training was completed by Christo Motz. Nice and interesting training to get out of your comfort zone, find your limits and go slightly beyond them, survival mode… breathing techniques are a good tool for this.

Peter Rosenbrand
Head, Department of Craftsmanship and Remaining Competent, Central and West Brabant Fire Brigade.

Training days at the fire brigade normally are all about training firefighters related skills. Today we were trained with our team in the ‘Human Factor’ part. The element ‘Tactical Breathing’ is a method to get your body under control in stressful situations. Nicely put Christo? But how do you do this? At the end of the training came the test. Evoking a stress response from the body. Hutsssss into the ice bath and pull yourself together successfully. Thank you Christo Motz, for this educational afternoon.

Ron Baltussen
Chairman, Works Council Gelderland-South Safety Region/Incident Control 24-hour service Nijmegen/Commander, Limburg-North Fire Brigade.

This time, the meeting of the brigade officers at Goeree-Overflakkee looked a but different than the usual meeting. Today was about the man factor. What do you experience as Officer on Duty and can we support each other in this. What do stress and stressful situations do to you? Get started with Tactical Breathing and the practical experience in the ice bath. Great afternoon provided by Christo Motz. Thanks for the insights Christo, it will help. #fire brigade #tactical breathing #ice dip #ice bath #stress #officer in charge #human factor #incidents #christo motz #dip

Martin Lugtenburg
Cluster Commander and Project Leader, Sustainable Picket Organisation Fire Brigade, Security Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Today the first of three training days within the 24-hour shift of #fire brigade #nijmegen. The topic ‘Tactical Breathing’ will be completed by Christo Motz, whose experiences will let firefighters experience what the human body is capable of in the event of stress during incidents, as part of #human factors. Includes #ice bath. Undoubtedly uncomfortable, but enormously valuable.

Maikel van Loon
Team Leader, 24-hour service Nijmegen Fire Brigade/ Officer on Duty, Security Region Gelderland-South

Practice day of #Fire Brigade #Nijmegen by Christo Motz. Not practising deployment or fire, but Human Factors was the focus. An important aspect of our profession. How does your body reaction to stressful situations and how can you control it through ‘Tactical Breathing’. Theory followed by practical experience: an ice bath. An ice bath immediately sends your body into stress. By applying the theory I was able to lie down, pull myself together and to focus. Top training and applicable to our profession.

Jeroen Wildeman
24-hour service Fire Brigade Nijmegen (Nijmegen Centrum)/Owner, Wildeman Logistics

This morning a practice day of the Nijmegen Fire Brigade that was different than usual. The human factor is increasingly seen as an important part that you can influence in order to accomplish your task. During the practice day, ‘Tactical Breathing’ was on the programme, with the ice bath as a means to put your body into a stress situation. During a stress situation, your body reacts and especially your breathing. With the techniques learned, I was able to remain quietly in the bath and focus. #human factors #christomotz #tactical breathing #brandweernijmegen

Jeroen Ewalts
Commander, 24-hours service Fire Brigade Nijmegen

April 20, 2022 - I followed a training on Tactical Breathing by Christo Motz. Drawing the power from your body and making sure you stay focused even when the pressure gets higher. In my role as Commanding Duty Officer of the fire brigade and group commander at USAR, I come into contact with situations where I’m expected to be able to act quickly. This knowledge helps me to do my job even better. Thanks!

Marcel Huijbrechts
Operational manager, Safety Region Zuid-Holland Zuid/Head Duty Officer/ Leader CoPi/Group Commander USAR and OVD RED

Christo is an inspiring professional who teaches, amongst other things, breathing techniques. His effective approach helps senior officers in managing their stress level during high-intensity firefighting operations where they are confronted with a complex, dynamic and life-threatening situation, a lack of resources and information overload.

Karel Lambert
Division Chief, Brussels Fire Department, Belgium (Belgian rank: major)

In the full-time officer training at the Fire Brigade Academy, we as students had the opportunity to fill in a few days to our liking. Now we have asked Christo to introduce us to Tactical Breathing. He gave a nice addition to the day by starting with theory, a breathing exercise and of course the ice bath to top it off! A fun and useful experience that we as future managers can use very well in stressful situations.

Lieke Kwintenberg
Fire officer in training, Fire Brigade Twente

I first met Christo at an incident commanders training where he taught Tactical Breathing to us. The skills I’ve learned from Christo help me in raising situational awareness under pressure (stop and think), in the outdoors and in everyday life.

Bart Videler
Freelance advisor and trainer | Copywriter | Alpine instructor winter

I got to know Christo as an instructor at the additional training Situational Command and Control for Duty Officers of the Fire Brigade. Christo is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor who brings together various relevant issues for officers, such as: body and situational awareness, tactical breathing, meditation, personal leadership, resilience training and nutrition; all this on the basis of the elements of earth, water, air and fire. I am now also involved as a teacher in the additional training Situational Command and Control and several times I have seen Christo at work with down-to-earth, nononsense firemen and women: great to see how he, as a people person, gets many people involved in an active, but also meditative tactical breathing session followed by a confronting and stress-inducing ice bath. Every time again, a beautiful energy in his sessions.

Maarten Smelt
Duty Officer, Fire Brigade, Strategic Purchaser, Security Region Twente


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